RPi Hardware Version

Checking the HW version/model of your Raspberry PI is dead easy. Just issue command:

cat /etc/proc/cpuinfo
This will give an output similar to the one below

Processor       : ARMv6-compatible processor rev 7 (v6l)
BogoMIPS        : 847.05
Features        : swp half thumb fastmult vfp edsp java tls
CPU implementer : 0x41
CPU architecture: 7
CPU variant     : 0x0
CPU part        : 0xb76
CPU revision    : 7
Hardware        : BCM2708
Revision        : 0002
Serial          : 000000000abc0ab1

Model and PCB Revision RAM Hardware Revision Code 
Model B Rev 1 256MB 2
Model B Rev 1 256MB 3
ECN0001 (no fuses, D14 removed) 256MB 3
Model B Rev 2 256MB 4, 5, 6
Model A 256MB 7, 8, 9
Model B Rev 2 512MB 000d, 000e, 000f
Model B+ 512MB 10, 13, 900032
Compute Module 512MB 11
Compute Module 512MB 0014 (Embest, China)
Model A+ 256MB 12
Model A+ 256MB 0015 (Embest, China)
Model A+ 512MB 0015 (Embest, China)
Pi 2 Model B v1.1 1GB a01041 (Sony, UK)
Pi 2 Model B v1.1 1GB a21041 (Embest, China)
Pi 2 Model B v1.2 1GB a22042
Pi Zero v1.2 512MB 900092
Pi Zero v1.3 512MB 900093
Pi Zero W 512MB 9000C1
Pi 3 Model B 1GB a02082 (Sony, UK)
Pi 3 Model B 1GB a22082 (Embest, China)

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